Android & Wear App Ecosystem

Company: Cotap
Platform: Android
Position: Senior Designer

What did you set out to achieve with this design project? Much like my work on the Cotap iOS app, the goal was to create a simple and intuitive messaging platform. Android, however, had the added goal of creating an interface that was both natural to use for an android user, and also maintain design parity with our iOS app.

What decisions did you make that helped you achieve that goal? User feedback was paramount. With every new feature, it was important to get the app in front of users to see how they reacted. Even if done informally, user feedback can help validate your hypotheses about how to design an app.

What challenges did you have / what made it difficult to design this? The Android design language is quite a bit different than iOS. During the entire process, I had to make trade-offs between parity with iOS and using Android design patterns. Also, the Android design language varies quite a bit between devices. A Nexus and Samsung user will have completely different expectations for the UI. Deciding on a design language that satisfies all these goals was a challenge.

If you had the opportunity to go back and make a different design decision, what would you change? I think the Floating Action Button needs more work. The animations don’t seem to work well, especially on older phones. I would want to pair with an Android engineer to optimize the interaction.