iOS & OSX App Ecosystem

Company: Cotap
Platform: iOS & OSX
Position: Senior Designer

What did you set out to achieve with this design project? The overarching goal of Cotap was to create a simple and intuitive mobile messaging solution for coworkers. In regards to iOS specifically, I set out to create a design framework that could hold multiple complex features while at the same time strictly follow the iOS design patterns.

What decisions did you make that helped you achieve that goal? A good chunk of my time was dedicated to creating and maintaining detailed libraries of all my mockups. While this initially slowed me down, in the long run I was able to work much quicker than if I had to re-draw assets and layouts for every new feature.

What challenges did you have / what made it difficult to design this? Because this project spanned two years, one of the biggest challenges was maintaining consistency throughout the app as we built new features. Setting high quality standards for myself, along with budgeting time to update older features gave me the ability to create an app with a holistic design language.

If you had the opportunity to go back and make a different design decision, what would you change? One of the biggest drawbacks to Cotap is the inability to share information across conversations. Right now, if you are in a conversation with one person who shares a document with you it is very difficult to share that document into another conversation.