Print, Web, & Interactive Design

Company: Cyclocross Magazine
Platform: Print Magazine - Marketing - Mobile App
Position: Creative Director

What did you set out to achieve with this design project? Creating a seamless experience between print, web, and mobile assets… while simultaneously designing and maintaining a quarterly magazine.

What decisions did you make that helped you achieve that goal? Taking a print magazine into the digital world is always a challenge. Deciding how to translate print graphics into a digital format was the biggest design decisions and challenge.

What challenges did you have / what made it difficult to design this? Magazines thrive on their large format, tactile feel, and ability to present all stories as a single cohesive design element. None of these features are present in a mobile application. It’s akin to language translation, sure it's technically the same, but the nuances are different. The skill comes in knowing what to keep and what needs a new perspective.

If you had the opportunity to go back and make a different design decision, what would you change? Because of the timeframe of the project it was not the most creative design. If I went back I would work more on the user experience / less MVP, trying not only to create a good experience, but an original one.

Project 06
Project 06
Project 06

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